Friday, January 18, 2013

Another update!!!!!

So, I spoke with my editor, Judy P. from Kansas City Star.  We had a wonderful conversation.  Wasn't too long, she has the flu.  I was given some deadlines: everything has to be in by the begining of March.....AHHHHHHHH!!! No worries, I can get it done.  I did finish writing the instructions. (except for 3)  I just keep changing which patterns to put in the book.  I initially had 14, then 10, then 12, now I am at 11 projects.  My plan of action now is to gather my girlfriends to help me get the stitching done.  Here are the fabrics I will be using, all MARCUS FABRICS.
and some more drawings
and here are some pics of the quilts designs
Let me know what you think....have a wonderful weekend
With needle in hand,


  1. I am very excited for you! I look forward to purchasing your book...

  2. Lola, Congrats...I am so Happy & Excited for you!!! Let us know when we can order Books for the Shop... You have many fans here who Love all your work!!! We still need to get you here...Maybe a Book Signing... Again, Congrats & Hugs...

  3. Hi Beth....Just let me know and I will be there...thanks for the comments

  4. HI Lola -

    The quilt design at the bottom of your posting is my favorite. The pattern made by the diagonal lines is elegant yet simple. I can't wait to see it in fabric!

    Congratulations on your upcoming book release. I wish I could be at quilt market to experience it.

    Warm Regards,