Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book signing and post!!!!

Hello everyone...I had a wonderful time at The Country Loft on Saturday.  I will post pics tomorrow.  I also wanted to let you know Marcus Fabrics did a post on their blog about my book.  I LOOVVVEEE THEIR FABRICS.  Most of the fabrics in the book are Marcus Fabrics.  THANK YOU PATI AND LISA!!!! I APPRECIATE THE SHOUT OUT!!!!!  Here is a link to the article:
To continue, I met a lot of wonderful people at the book signing.  I had with me some  of the new patterns I am working on.  There was much excitement in the air.  It's hard to tell when you are working by yourself if what you are designing will appeal to everyone.  Thanks to all the ladies who came out to support my first book.  I greatly appreciate all the wonderful stories and words of encouragement and wisdom you all have shared with me.  I am looking forward to the next book signing and meeting more of you. 

til tomorrow

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