Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Some finishes.....

I have been busy working on new patterns and finishing some old.
The first quilt is my Christmas quilt.  This top was completed in 2005, quilted in 2011
and the binding was completed last week.  Who needs time tables.
The yellow one is a quilt top that was completed in 2000 by my girlfriend Brook.  She gave it to me in 2009 while I was helping her pack her home for her move.  It was quilted along with my Christmas quilt.  I finished the binding last night.
Now....the third quilt is my daughters'.  This one happened because I found myself on Pinterest waaayyyy to long and my daughter wondered into my room, looked over my shoulder and saw a quilt she had to have.  Well, took me all of 4 minutes to design it, she cut the fabric and 2-1/2 days later she has a quilt top.

Also, this is Je' Taime (I Love You) quilt pattern is now available, as well as the kit.  The kit $24.

I have more coming....
Stitch something wonderful

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