Wednesday, August 19, 2015

the Move is done...Quilt show done....

Ok...I am back up for air.  This weekend we were at the 
Tehachapi Quilt Show.  Just one week after moving the quilt shoppe.
I am still trying to recover.  I took Monday off and spent half of my "off day" 
at T-mobile trying to get my new "smart phone" swapped out for another 
"smart phone", because the first smart phone was so smart it decided to just open apps up whenever it felt like it.  I digress.
Anyway, here are pictures from my drive this past weekend and quilts from the show.  
Yes, these are pictures of the wind farms,  It is a beautiful drive.  The wind turbines are mesmerizing to watch and you may drive off the road if you watch them for too long.
Grab some coffee, something sweet, put your feet up and enjoy.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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