Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Since I started doing shows again, I do get a lot of questions about some of my processes that I go through.
So I will be showing more of what I do.
I have been transferring designs, yesterday and today.  
Here is a look at what I am doing.
I started with the Sharpie.  Which is what I normally use.
However, after drawing the "H", I forgot I was not going to use black floss, so I switched to the Micron Pen.
I will be using Red, Blue and probably off white.

And note....I used a brown Micron Pen.
The 3 pics are of a design that I have had
 drawn out for more than 6 months.  
When I get in the mood, or I have nothing 
else to stitch out, I will take a couple of 
days and pull out designs and just 
copy/transfer until my arms ache.

This will be a combination of stitchery 
and applique.  
Now I need to figure out if I will 
do the applique in wool or cotton.

Have a wonderful week!

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