Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Finishes!!!

Hello all
I have a couple of finishes.
First up, 
"Laundry Day" Sampler

This pattern is up in the Etsy shop.
Next is,
"Land of Liberty" Sampler

I used an ecru for the stars, 
so it is not showing up to well in the pictures.
Anyway, I will be adding a couple of 
borders to Land of Liberty and it 
should be going up into the Esty shop by Tuesday.

Also, I am planning a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!
I will be giving away one of each one of my 9 samplers:

She Works Joyfully, Forever Mine, Vintage Sewing, 
Give Thanks, Welcome to My Home, 
Home to Roost, Friends in the Barnyard, 
Laundry Day & Land of Liberty.

The drawing will be in 2 weeks.  
I have 2 quilt shows I am getting ready 
for next week, so I will plan for the 
drawing the following week.
Keep a eye out for it.

And lastly, have a safe weekend.

To those who served and have given their lives, 

Until next week,

1 comment:

  1. This is a very nice gesture to pay tribute to our unsung heroes who have sacrificed their lives so that we live with freedom. The patterns are lovely and suitable to the occassion.