Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Pincushions

New pincushions!

I found old fashioned (reproduction) clamps to make the pincushions.
I include a tag with a slaves' name in remembrance, along with the city and/or state and year they were last on a manifest or will.

I will have these up on ETSY in the next couple of days!
More to come!


  1. I love your drawings....and am intrigues by thepincushions....but am uncomfortable sticking pins into a black woman. Am I seeing this wrong? They are stunning works of folk art!

    1. Hi Carrolyn. Thank you so much. No you are not seeing it wrong. I do "label" them as pincushions. For the most part those that buy them don't use them as pincushion; more as decorations in their sewing room.

    2. I love that idea...and will await your listing in the Etsy shop. I love all your work...esp your embroidery designs.......very detailed and emotionally moving!

    3. HI Carrolyn...The doll head pincushions are up on Etsy! Have a great weekend!